The best source for questions about hrt I have found in an on line group called: They have so many knowledgeable people on there as well as a great FAQ section.

I would never endorse diy hormones but even with a doctor its a good source to make sure they are doing the right things. This is one of the largest groups on-line groups related to hormones. If you’re looking just to meet a transsexual there sorry that’s not what the group is for. Also they don’t like those that try to get into the group that desire to be in between. I don’t blame the underline thought for that, but would like to think all people are the same under it all we have the basic needs defined by Maslow’s Higherarchy of Needs. Those ideas can be found here:’s_hierarchy_of_needs. The point I am making is that we all transition to exactly where we need to and only to that point. For some of us that means not even touching hormones or herbs, but dressing. I am fine with that as long as you keep your fetishes to yourself I don’t want to know about it… 😉

I have seen these questions posted so many times on the forum so I will start there.

1. Is there a way to just enlarge my breasts?
Yes, Its called surgery get implants. They are safe effective and don’t mess with your body chemistry.

2.Is there a way to just get hips?
Yes, again it’s called surgical implants.  Hormones do not give wide hips either if you are too far past puberty.  Once you reach a certain age your bones become solid enough that hormones will not make much changes to them.  They do give you thighs though which if you already have hips then your hips will appear wider.  There are exercises you can do to build up the muscles in that area like squats and presses that will increase the size.  Also you can do other exercises to give you larger thigh muscles.  This will all help them appear wider but your hips are not really wider.

Ok after about a year and a half I would swear my hip bones have moved or rotated.  Everything I read said it was not possible, yet I don’t know that I believe that now.  It seems to me you might have better chances on hrt than I thought for wider hips.

I ran into someone else that took hormones in their 40’s that stopped after a year and half.  She, well I say she because she still cross dresses but the odd thing is that she still has wider hips.  I know a lot of reports say you don’t get wider hips but I don’t think thats correct.  This person I know is very slim as well and has no breasts either.  So even after a year and a half she quit hormones and kept wider hips.  I think estrogen rotates the hips, and gives you thighs but your hips do not rotate back.  This would mean you would lose your thighs and keep the rotation which means your hips will appear wider.  I wish there was more confirmation of this fact.  If anyone has more information let me know.

3. I want to feminize just a little bit how can I do that?
Well be honest with yourself first. Why do you want a little bit? If it’s just a fantasy and you want some breasts don’t for any reason take estrogen. Sorry to say it, but there are other ways that will give you what your looking for. Some of those products can be obtained over the counter. If you are just looking for some changes my first suggestion would be to try herbs. The sad thing is I don’t know the dosages and it can give you osteoporosis. With that warning out-of-the-way you can take Saw Palmetto, Vitex Fruit, Licorice Root, Black Cohosh (didn’t agree with me) or just go to and order. Now remember these are about 100x or more, less potent than hormones. It will take time to get results, and some say its safer than doing hormone replacement therapy.  I don’t know that I agree that herbs are safer or not because no one regulates them and who knows what it does to your body.  There are other ways as well, you can take testosterone shots. Yes that’s right excess testosterone is converted into estrogen which is then used by your body. Also you can take a small amount of anti-androgens like spirolactane and get results. However with herbs and anti-androgens you do risk causing some issues with your own libido and testosterone production. I am not sure if taking excess testosterone will lead to rage either. So while these methods may get the results you desire there could be some side effects. Maybe the best thing to do is surgery, but that’s up to you. I really believe the safest thing to do to be in between is surgery and even facial changes can be done just look at Pete Burns… then again maybe that’s not a good example.

Another thought is to just use your natural body. I know before doing hrt I had 42′ hips and a 30′ waist. It was not really the shape of a genetic female but was close. You can use squats, and also you can widen your hips with just exercises listed here: I think everyone can use those tip to build their body so it looks better on hormones or not. Also a corset or a good girdle is great to use as well. They can reshape your body permanently given enough time.

4. I want to go full-time and do hormone replacement therapy (hrt) what should I take?
Everyone is different and even different doctors will give different things. I can give a guide line from what I have heard but it’s still going to be different for every person. Normally one would take Finasteride 1mg a day and mix that with 100-200 mg of spirolactane, and then take 4-8 mg of estrofem a day or intra muscular injections of EV about 20-40mg a month. Now for the warnings:

Finasteride by itself has been shown in a small case of males to cause gynecomastia. For us that’s fine and it helps grow back hair. There are other side effects as well like possible ED and other things which can be found at wikipedia.

Spriolactane is a potassium sparing diuretic and can cause some serious issues. Usually a person starts with 25 mg and works their way up to 100 or 200 mg. It can leave you seriously dehydrated, week and cause you to retain way too much potassium. It can lead to death so it’s a serious medication which is used by prostate cancer patients mostly. For more information you can find it here:

You can take Cyproterone acetate instead of Spriolactane and it has some progesterone in as well. Again there are several side effects such as liver enzymes that change, potassium retention, toxicity, low cortisol levels. Again a good resource about cyproterone is here:

Your best bet for an anti-androgen really are to get a orchiectomy,but only if your 100% serious. There is no going back from that.

Estrofem is an estrogen supplement, more specifically it’s a oestradiol. This type is a pill which should be taken subliminally (dissolved under the tongue). The risks with any pill form estrogen are, deep venous thrombosis, thromboembolic disorders, the emergence of migraine-type headaches, sudden visual disturbances, significant increase in blood pressure along with liver toxicity. If you take the pill sublingually it will bypass the first pass on the liver. If you can talk the doctor into injectable estrogen forms it might be better. Injectable Estriadol Valerate (EV) will give you much higher E2 levels which is what you should aim for. By taking oral medication you will get high E1 levels and a small percentage thats converted to E2. When you take IM EV it rests in the body as E2 just like a natal female. It also makes you a lot more emotional so if your not ready to be a girl be careful.

Progesterone can be added after one or two years of hrt but not before then. I would also suggest staying away from Provera as it can cause serious depression. The medicine you would want to take would be micronized progesterone. I don’t know anything about this one yet on amounts. Sorry I am not there yet ;-).

One more thought I have to add.  When transitioning think about your end goal.  There are some time lines for things that can make it easier.  If you don’t follow those time lines you can end up with a beard, short hair and a female body.  The time lines can be found here to keep that from happening: TS Road Map

Good luck and be safe no matter what you decide to do.


9 thoughts on “Hormone FAQ’s

    1. I would think that during puberty you should be able to get the same results that a natal female would have.

  1. I have taken high Ievels for 30 year and I love to eat junk food. My hips went from a Apple shape to now a super pear shape.size 46 with a waist at 35.

    1. I actually would have the opposite to say. I am in no rush once you are past the breast hurting stage you can actually drop to a maintenance level. Also I am going for facial surgery soon so I have slowly decreased my hrt amounts. In all of this my waist is getting back closer to pre hrt size which is great. I would really caution anyone with hormones. The issue is that they can cause blood clots and the most common spot for those are lungs. The doctors can’t detect these till they are present and after that its pretty much over for hormones. I would rather be safe than sorry and what do you really have to gain when you take high levels? Also they are finding that hrt can and does lead to higher risk of breast cancer. Be careful with the junk food as well, msg is no joke. I would lean more towards whole organic foods. I know it sounds like I am kind of an odd one for suggesting that but we are doing a lot to our bodies. The safer you can be the better. Watch, The Beautiful Truth,, then mix that with Killer at Large. If that doesn’t scare you then I don’t know what would…

    2. Trust me hormones alone will give you a lot more weight. It will also distribute it to the correct areas after time. The bigger issue you will deal with is keeping the weight off.

    1. If you are trying to go with herbs be careful. They are not always going to be the same thing depending on the vendor and process they use. Also vitex fruit will help with the libido ( which I think lowers the testosterone ). Personally I would never mess with herb your only getting a fraction of what you get with pharmaceutical medication with side effects. I tried personally transitioning first with herbs, got frustrated broke out in hives then got the real thing…

  2. Hi i’m 18 and i have NO hips and i want the real thing too. What medication do you recommend me?
    Please don’t tell me it’s too dangerous and things like that, i’m aware of the risks:)

    1. I really do not want to get into actual regimens. Honestly the best thing is to take bio identical estrogen. I would get a hold of a therapist and have them recommend a doctor. If you cannot afford that there is a group mentioned My biggest advice is to take it slow, even doctors I think do way too much. Then a lot of girls just end up quite large instead of just feminizing. Its ironic thing is that older men get gynecomastia just with a drop of testosterone. So you don’t need as much estrogen as what is normally used. It just takes time so be patient.

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