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Its been a while since I posted and really not much has changed.  I have my kids most of the time which is great.  I love my babies.  I take them to the sitter and school every day except weekends of course.  Other than that I have them five out of seven days almost every week.  I really enjoy my babies.  They are my life right now and really all that should matter.  I still go out from time to time but go to the club less.  It’s a good thing after all alcohol is a depressant and not what I need now.  I have my friends that I keep in touch with quite often and sometimes they come over.

  I have my divorce court date on Monday the 20th and looking forward to putting this all behind me.  I am at peace for once which was not the case before.  Our house was just chaos and every event or thing that needed to get completed was a fight.  I don’t understand that and glad it’s not part of my life now.  I had nightmares for months and month just battling about why my ex shouldn’t have a boyfriend when we were married.  My life since March was really about the same as well a constant argument with her about this issue.  Once she moved out I was able to finnaly start getting on with my life.  To me this is common sense about the boyfriend but again things that were common sense is what we would battle about.  So its done and I for one am at peace.  I just hope the court date comes and goes with no huge surprises.  So keep me in prayers… XOXO

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May 2, 2008
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Aug 1, 2008
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June 6, 2008
Hair transplant

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